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We offer integrated planning solutions that help business owners, professionals and other high net worth individuals protect, enhance and cascade their legacy.


Revolutionary Legacy Planning

Effective Plans, Creatively Implemented & Personalized for Your Goals

Our process is designed to achieve clarity and comfort by helping you prioritize and articulate your vision, values and desired lifestyle. This Values-Based Planning approach ensures you emerge with a crystal clear filter through which to assess all future decisions concerning your wealth.

Through this process, our clients clarify the risks and opportunities, both present and future. Once clarified, we design a Strategic Integrated Plan to help eliminate any risks and capture the potential opportunities.

Our Process is built upon a simple premise: focus on what a client values before we focus on the value of what they own.

This helps us generate more effective, more creative wealth plans every time.

This Is Why It Works

Income Planning

  • Your “Number” is vital but equally important is the composition of assets and asset vehicles. Diversify both.
  • Hitting driver off every tee isn’t wise. Similarly large RRSP’s restrict the ability to control retirement income levels and create large tax bills in the event of premature death. Reconsider your RRSP contribution strategy.
  • History shows our health will not deteriorate in a linear fashion so have you planned for defined spending phases in retirement.

Tax Planning

  • As age erodes distance off the tee so tax grinds away at the investment returns within your portfolio.
  • Consider leveraging your conservative assets to reduce your tax bill if your profile allows it.
  • Consider Corporate Class D Series, an RRSP meltdown or early investment in Permanent Life Insurance as ways to generate tax efficient income streams

Risk Management

  • Life, like golf, is not a game of “Perfect”. The unexpected is around the corner more often than we like to admit, dont ignore it.
  • Simple truth is that self insuring is almost always more expensive than the product solutions on offer in our market place.
  •   Critically assess the impact on your business or retirement assets of getting sidelined by illness or injury then ask yourself how much would you pay each year to ensure that you didn’t get incapacitated ?
  • Tax Sheltered Cash Values and Return of Premium options create forced savings vehicles in the event you stay healthy

Estate & Legacy Planning

  • The assets you don’t need or cannot spend can only go to your kids, grand kids, tax or charity. Right now you can choose.
  • In moments of clarity most people would like to decide how, where and when these assets are transferred. Early planning ensures greater control.
  • Let me ask this, “If you were never going to touch a portion of your assets, why would you continue to pay tax on them while you were living only to have them taxed again on transfer to your kids or grand kids?”
  • Early income splitting, Estate Freezes or Inter Vivos Trusts can provide effective reductions to an Estate Tax burden.


  • An ideal philanthropic giving strategy achieves the family’s goals while being tax efficient.
  • After establishing a ideal Time horizon, we analyse the tax efficiency of current and proposed giving strategies.
  • We coordinate philanthropic goals and estate planning, utilizing Life Insurance, Charitable Trusts and Foundations to integrate wealth planning

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