About Us

Vardon Integrated Planning Group is a Professional Practice specializing in Tax, Legacy and Estate Planning.


Wealth Plans Built On Your Personal Values

We focus on what a client values before focusing on the value of what they own

We Learn Your Goals & Values

In order to achieve a financial program specifically tailored to your needs, we begin by understanding your goals and values through our proprietary Discovery Phase.

We Evaluate Your Lifestyle

We evaluate your lifestyle and legacy assets to understand what Generation 1 needs. What you don’t need or can’t spend goes to kids, grandkids, tax or charity.

We Use a Value-Based Approach

We design an integrated wealth plan based on your personal values and goals to help eliminate the risks and capture potential opportunities.

Proprietary Planning Fundamentals

We start with Who & Why, then we talk How & What

On the Tee – Discovery Phase

The first phase is what really makes The VIP Group different. We focus on asking a lot of questions, getting to know who you and connecting with your vision and values so both parties gain clarity around what our ultimate goal is.

We use our proprietary VISOR model representing five critical aspects to determining your goals: Vision, Importance, Supporting Resources, Obstacles & Readiness. We conduct a comprehensive financial analysis to uncover any gaps associated with your goals and to gain clarity around what your “Number” truly is. We call this critical analysis.

Club Selection – Creative Solutions

In the second phase we contemplate solutions that are tailored towards what you are looking to achieve. These solutions would be based around our primary competencies of alternative investments, insurance and estate planning, which we consider among the best in the industry. We strongly feel that this process allows our clients to make an informed, confident decision about what is truly important to them.

Hit the Shot – Implementation

The third phase is considered the implementation phase. In this phase we implement the process of prioritizing and executing the solutions (strategies, tactics and tools) needed for you to close the planning gaps and move you towards achieving your goals.

This needs to be done in conjunction with your other advisors. Solutions are not worth the paper they are written on if those solutions are not implemented. There are good decisions and there are bad decisions, but indecision is the most costly. At the VIP Group if we implement we only do so for one reason: RESULTS.

Scorecard – The Progress Report

A well-implemented plan needs to be managed on an ongoing basis which is identified in the fourth phase. We measure the progress made towards the goals you set, and identify if any new gaps have arisen. Needs, priorities, health, tax laws, goals and values, are a few of the things that may change over time.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have anyone to manage their results once the plan is implemented. At the VIP Group, we always challenge our clients to understand how relevant and how sustainable their current solutions are to their goals and values.

Getting on the Tee – What’s My First Step?

Financial Services, Reimagined

The products you know, with service like you’ve never seen

We specialize in Tax, Legacy and Estate Planning, but our advantage is our commitment to retain an intimate long term relationship with a clearly defined niche client base. Most of the product solutions we utilize in the execution of our planning are available to most practitioners, but are rarely implemented with the level of effective creativity that our track record has demonstrated to be possible.

We make use of various Risk and Investment products such as Permanent Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Disability Insurance as well as fully utilizing accounting and tax law for Corporate Re-organisation to fully enhance, protect and cascade intergenerational wealth.